Luxe Slim

Fully Digital, Programmable 16-Channel Behind-the-Ear Instrument

For Mild to Severe Hearing Losses


If you have a hearing loss, then you know the importance of having the most natural, personal, and comfortable listening experience possible. That’s why Lloyds is offering the LUXE, the world’s most wearer-focused hearing instrument.  This hearing instrument features breakthrough technologies like Ear-to-Ear (E2E) Wireless, Advanced Speech Detection in Noise, Sound Locator, and Bluetooth functionality.  LUXE ensures the end result produced is incredible performance with a new level of ease, simplicity, and comfort.  LUXE is a special in-house private label brand for Lloyds featuring the technology of one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. 
Typical retail $3000 - $3500 each
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