Luxe Mini Canal

Fully Digital, Programmable 16-Channel Custom-Made Instrument

For Mild to Moderate Hearing Losses


If you have a hearing loss, then you know the importance of having the most natural, personal, and comfortable listening experience possible. That’s why Lloyds is offering the LUXE, the world’s most wearer-focused hearing instrument.  This hearing instrument features breakthrough technologies like Ear-to-Ear (E2E) Wireless, Advanced Speech Detection in Noise, Sound Locator, and Bluetooth functionality.  LUXE ensures the end result produced is incredible performance with a new level of ease, simplicity, and comfort.  LUXE is a special in-house private label brand for Lloyds featuring the technology of one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. 
Typical retail $3000 - $3500 each

This is a custom-made hearing aid.  In order to have a custom hearing aid made, we need to have impressions of your ears.  By clicking "Order Now", we first send out impression kit materials by standard mail at no charge to our customers.  We only bill you for the finished product.  Lloyds sends enough material for a person to do two separate impressions of one ear - that way you can practice with the first one to see how it all comes together and how fast you need to work with the two-part silicone material.  In lieu of making your own impressions, you may send us an old hearing aid for casting as long as it fits well and does not cause any feedback (we do not want to replicate a problem) or you may get impressions made locally and send those to us.


There is a $50/ear non-refundable deposit on all custom-made hearing aids.

Product Highlights:


Standard LLOYDS LUXE MINI CANAL 150D-MC Features:
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