Rexton Fusion PP Body Aid

Analog 1-Channel Body Aid

For Severe to Profound Hearing Losses

The Fusion PP Body Aid is one of the strongest hearing aids Lloyds offers. With 80dB of gain, this analog aid can be fitted to someone with a profound degree of hearing loss. When a user needs this much volume, many of the super high-powered Behind-The-Ear aids will cause feedback, or squealing, when turned up. This results in the user having to turn the volume down from its maximum level in order to be able to wear the BTE hearing aid. Body Aids are a solution to this aggravating problem. The "box" part of the aid is worn in a shirt pocket and has a cord leading up to the ear. There is a part called the Receiver ("speaker") that's at the other end of that cord and that's what is worn in the ear along with a custom earmold. This configuration of Speaker and Hearing Aid provides a much greater distance between these parts, which means the volume produced by the Receiver can be turned up much higher before the sound reaches back to the microphone pickup of the Body Aid (in the pocket).

This Fusion PP Body Aid has a modern, lightweight case design, has a black cord and receiver, large controls for those with dexterity issues, a built-in telecoil, a direct input socket (if you want to plug directly into a radio or TV), a reversible clip for the pocket, and two trimpots (tone and AGC) for fine tuning. Body Aids can generally cost up to about $1,000 in many local offices or clinics. This is an excellent price for extremely high powered amplification

Max. SSPL90......140 dB

Av. Full-on Gain....80dB

Freq. Range.......130 - 3800 Hz


Trimpots.............tone & AGC-O
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