Model HA20-DX Body Aid

Analog 1-Channel Body Aid

For Mild to Moderate Hearing Losses


Some people just need extra help in hearing for specific situations like watching TV, riding in the car, or just around the house. The Model HA20-DX is a great solution for people with a mild to moderate hearing losses. This analog Body Aid does have a tone control, so if your hearing problem lies mostly in the higher frequencies, you (or we) can tune it in just for that. A Body Aid is an excellent choice for folks that cannot handle other, smaller kinds of hearing aids. The HA20-DX is extremely affordable both to purchase and to operate (it uses just one common size AA battery). Everything a person needs in order to wear it right out of the box is included within the purchase price. Many owners of this model use it as a reliable backup to their other style of hearing aid as well.

Suggested Retail Price: $400


Low, low price and inexpensive to operate
Uses one AA battery (included)
Large Controls are easy to use
Features adjustable tone control
Durable components for long life
Max. SSPL90......134 dB
Av. Full-on Gain....47dB
Freq. Range.......200 - 3800 Hz
Trimpot.............tone control 
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