Comply Snap Tip (10 pack)

The Comply Snap Tips can be used to replace a traditional earmold when more comfort is desired.  Must be used with the Snap Tip Adapter.

**This product is being discontinued, limited sizes/types in stock**




Type of Snap Tip Attenuation Foam
Tan Foam

Highest Attenuation - fits all hearing loss types

9mm-up to 100dB
6mm-up to 65dB
3mm-low power aids

High-tech slow recovery foam that softens when it reaches body temperature Easy to engage and insert. Foam needs to be compressed prior to insertion into ear.

Tan/Gray Dual Foam

Medium attenuation -
up to 65 - 70 dB loss
Combination of slow and instant recovery foam Easier to engage and insert. May require compression prior to insertion into ear.
Gray Soft Foam Lowest attenuation -
up to 55 dB loss
Instant recovery Easiest to engage and insert. No compression needed prior to insertion into ear. This is a great option for an open fitting solution.
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