Elbow (earhook)

Product Details:

Elbows are a part for Behind-The-Ear (BTE) type of aids only*.  Elbows are the curved "earhook" that attaches to the top of your hearing instrument and curves over the top a person's ear; the tubing that extends to the custom earmold or stock ear piece is then slipped onto the end of the elbow.  Elbows have a flanged tip that grabs hold of the tubing and keeps it securely in place on the Elbow.

Different models of hearing aids utilize different types of elbows.  If ordering an elbow, it is required that you specify the BRAND and MODEL hearing aid you have.  You can type this information into the blank titled "Which model hearing aid do you have?" in the ordering section to your right.  If you do not know the model, then please provide the brand & serial number (but knowing the model is more helpful information for us).  If we require more information, we will contact you. 

Most elbows can be changed quite easily at home. With normal wearing, an Elbow usually will wear out well before the hearing aid does, necessitating replacement. Perspiration and body oils are the cause for breakdown of the plastics in Elbows.  Most Elbows simply unscrew off the end of a hearing aid, and your new hook will simply twist back on.  If you notice your new hook is not threaded, that's because the threads will be created once you screw or twist it back on your hearing aid.  Take care to line it up straight before putting it on, and do not overtighten!

Some hearing instruments have a "push-on" type, snap-in type, or pin that secures the Elbow so take caution when removing your old Elbow.  Also, a few models have earhooks which can only be manufacturer replaced:  the Widex -19 body style (SD-19, IN-19, BV-19), GN Resound Canta models with metal earhook, and Siemens Triano S.  If we cannot provide the hook you require, we will let you know.

*Note:  These earhooks are adult size for traditional BTE's only, as shown in the picture.  They are not open-fit thin tube or RIC receiver thin tube replacements.

PRICE: $5.00

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