Behind the Ear Hearing Aid Accessories

The following accessories are specifically designed solely for users of Behind-The-Ear type of hearing aids. There are many hundreds of different makes and models of BTE Instruments. Lloyds is an excellent source for Behind-The-Ear hearing aid parts and accessories. Many of our customers have BTE hearing aids purchased elsewhere, but use us for replacement parts. With BTE aids, a user will probably need replacement Elbows, or Earhooks, over the years. We have many different parts of these items. And Lloyds can get most any hard-to-find items as well. We work with all major Hearing Aid manufacturers and service labs.

The most common accessory for BTE aids is the part that's actually seated in the ear canal. There are three different type of accessories that can do this job. We carry a terrific product line from a company called Hearing Components that is made for just this purpose (see the Hearing Components Suite), or we offer Mushroom Inserts in various sizes, and we also can provide a variety of Custom Earmolds. Many other items useful for Behind-The-Ear aids can be found in the General Hearing Aid Accessories catagory as well.

Straight Tubing
Core And Tubing
Mushroom Inserts
Curved Tubing
Elbow (earhook)
Earmold Air Blower
Custom Earmold (BTE) - Hard Lucite
Custom Earmold (BTE) - Soft Silicone