Hearing Aid Batteries

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What are common battery sizes?
The most common battery sizes are 10, 13, 312 and 675. To identify the size, manufacturers use an industry standard color code on their zinc air tabs and packaging.

Color Coding System

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Size 10 (or 230) yellow dot
Size 312 brown dot
Size 13 orange dot
Size 675 blue dot

Manufacturers often place letters before or after the battery size to designate their factory reorder number. For instance, 13A or R13ZA are both size 13 batteries.

How long will my batteries last?
Battery life is determined by the type and amplification of your hearing aid as well as the hours you wear your hearing aid. Your hearing care professional can tell you the battery life you can expect.

How should I store my batteries?

You should store your hearing aid batteries at room temperature. Avoid storing your batteries in hot places since heat will shorten the life of the batteries. Refrigeration is also not recommended.

Batteries should not be carried in your pocket or purse since metal objects such as coins or keys can short out a battery.

Store and discard batteries in places that cannot be reached by infants or children. If a battery is swallowed, see a doctor immediately. For recommended treatment, call the National Button Battery Hotline collect at 202-625-3333.

Why is there a tab on my zinc battery?
A zinc air battery uses air outside the battery as a source of power. The factory applied tab seals the air holes in the battery and ensures freshness until you are ready to use the battery. Do not remove the tab until you are ready to use the battery. To activate the battery, you simply remove the tab. After removing the tab, wait about one minute prior to inserting the battery into your hearing aid. This allows sufficient time for the air to enter and activate the ingredients. Replacing the tab when the battery is not in use will not extend the battery life.

What exactly is Zinc Air?
Zinc Air is the most popular power system. Through a unique construction that utilizes air from outside the battery, these batteries pack more energy into a battery cell than the older mercury and silver systems.

With zinc air batteries, you can expect fewer battery replacements, clearer tones, fewer volume adjustments, and longer battery life than mercury batteries.

Are batteries interchangeable among manufacturers?
Manufacturers have different battery quality and performance, however the battery dimensions are standardized within the industry. For instance, a size 13 battery across manufacturers should fit in your hearing aid. Just match the size designated by the color code or use our handy battery selector on this site.