Product Details:

Receiver is a term referring to the 'button' or 'speaker' part of a Body Aid that is located at the end of the cord and is the part worn right in the ear. Every Body Aid hearing instrument utilizes a Receiver. There are two basic categories of Receivers. They are identified as being either two-prong or three-prong Receivers (this refers to the number of 'pins' coming out of the cord).  Generally, our 2-pin receiver is of a lower power while the 3-pin receiver is a very high power.

When ordering a Receiver, it's a good idea to let us know which make and model of hearing aid you are using. We can cross-check to be sure we get you the proper Receiver. You can inform us of this information in an email when you place the order. Or if you have purchased your Body Hearing Aid from Lloyds, we will have a record of what Receiver you need.  Below is a list of our body aids, as well as some other popular options:

  • Rion HA20DX:  2-pin low power receiver
  • Rexton Fusion-PP:  3-pin high power receiver
  • Rion HA72P:  3-pin high power receiver
  • Oticon P11-P:  3-pin high power receiver
  • Starkey SB1:  2-pin *high* power receiver (*this is different than our standard 2-pin receiver -- please contact us for availability)

If you believe your Body Hearing Aid might be in need of repair, many times it can be a simple replacement of the Receiver and/or the cord that will get the unit operating well again.

The Receiver will have either a 1) custom Earmold or 2) Body Aid Connector and Mushroom Insert mounted onto it in order for the user to have something that makes a secure, airtight seal in the ear.

PRICE: $40.00


(Items sold separately.)