Body Aid Connector

Product Details:

The Body Aid Connector is a specially designed part that allows the user of a Body Aid hearing instrument to mount 'mushroom' insert ear pieces (earplugs) onto their Body Aid Receiver. The Receiver is a term referring to the 'button' or 'speaker' part of a Body Aid that is located at the end of the cord and is the part worn right in the ear. Using mushroom inserts allows the user to wear a Body Aid right out of the box without having to obtain a custom Earmold first. All five sizes of mushroom inserts Lloyds carries will fit onto the Body Aid Connector.

The Body Aid Connector mounts directly onto any body aid receiver, regardless of age, manufacturer, or model. There is a industry-standard sized 'stub' or 'nipple' present on all receivers for the purpose of mounting some type of ear piece that's used to keep the Receiver secure in the ear and to provide an airtight seal so the user of the Body Aid hearing instrument won't experience feedback, or whistling, of the aid.

Lloyd customers have successfully used the Body Aid Connector and mushroom inserts for the past 50 years. However, to minimize feedback possibilities of very high powered Body Aids and/or for maximum comfort and security in keeping the Receiver in the ear, we would definitely recommend that a person have special custom Earmolds made (see our Custom Earmold page by clicking here).

PRICE: $3.00


(Items sold separately.)