Straight Cord

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With Body Aid style hearing aids, the special hearing aid cord that runs from the instrument itself up to the ear is critical to proper performance of the unit. The hearing aid cord is also the part of a Body Aid that takes the most wear and tear. Experienced Body Aid users know that hearing aid cords must be replaced periodically despite the best care a person takes with their Body Aid.

Straight Cords come in two distinct categories.....two-prong and three-prong (prongs referring to the number of 'pins'). Lloyds has been the source of cords for many experienced Body Aid users. This is a part that most local hearing aid offices and clinics do not carry or would have to special order. We keep a good inventory of all types and lengths of straight cords to fit virtually every make and model of Body Aid. Whether you bought your Body Aid from Lloyds or some other source, we'll have a cord for you.

A standard length for most users is 24 inches. We have a shorter hearing aid cord length of 18in., as well as longer ones of 30in. and 36-in.

Below is a list of our body aids, as well as some other popular options:

  • Rion HA20DX:  2-pin
  • Rexton Fusion-PP:  3-pin
  • Rion HA72P:  3-pin
  • Oticon P11-P:  3-pin
  • Starkey SB1:  2-pin
PRICE: $30.00


(Items sold separately.)