Dri-Aid Kit

Product Details:

Moisture is the enemy of all hearing aids. The electronics inside a hearing aid do not perform well when damp or wet. Moisture can enter a hearing aid either by perspiration (especially true with Behind-The-Ear aids) or from dampness in the ear canal (mostly a problem with In-The-Ear hearing aids). It is very important to keep your hearing aids as dry as possible for best performance and fewer repairs.

The Dri-Aid kits help to keep hearing aids in good working order by extracting moisture from them overnight. A Dri-Aid kit comes in either a cannister or a pouch version.....same price (email us if you have a preference). There is a desiccant container in the Dri-Aid cannister or pouch which absorbs moisture and helps to prevent rust and corrosion from occurring inside your aid.

The active desiccant ingredients are inside a metal container, so when they become saturated with moisture, you can 'recharge' the Dri-Aid kit by heating the metal container in an oven and baking out the moisture.

A Dri-Aid kit is a minimum 'must' for all hearing aid users. It will help protect your investment in your instruments and can likely save you the cost of some repairs over the lifetime of the aid. It's effective and very inexpensive. But for the ultimate in drying devices, check out our Dry & Store box.

The product is no longer available for purchase.