Twin-Pack Battery Case and Chain
Twin-Pack Battery Case and Chain

Product Details:

Every hearing aid user needs to carry around spare batteries in case a hearing aid battery goes out. This inexpensive item is a convenient carrying case for a couple of extra batteries. This Battery Case is small and is made from a translucent plastic. It holds a pair of any size of hearing aid batteries. You won't have to fish around in your purse or pocket anymore to find batteries. It also has a keychain attachment so you can clip it right onto your keyring. Or find another handy place to attach it so you will always know where to find a spare hearing aid battery. The twin pack battery case helps to keep the 'sticky tabs' of batteries intact for longer battery life (when a 'sticky tab' comes off a battery, it begins its irreversible activation and will soon go dead whether you have used the battery or not).
PRICE: $1.50


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