Battery checker/holder keychain

Product Details:

This Battery Checker accessory is a very helpful item for all hearing aid users whether you use an In-The-Ear style of aid or a Behind-The-Ear aid. When you place a battery into the Battery Checker, a light will glow indicating whether the battery is sufficient to power your hearing aid. This can save you a lot of money by identifying old, worn out batteries from those with some life left in them.

In addition to the Battery Checking capability of this item, it also doubles as a hearing aid Battery Holder. It features a hide-away drawer/compartment that hold two hearing aid batteries of any size. This way you'll always have spare batteries on hand. Lastly, it is a strong key chain so you can keep it handy wherever you go. The Battery Checker/Holder Keychain is a very handy item for all hearing aid users and will pay for itself many times over by not wasting good batteries.

PRICE: $3.95


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