Adhear Plus (10 pack)

Product Details:

This product has been discontinued

Earwax getting inside the aid is by far the #1 cause for repairs of I-T-E hearing aids. Avoid costly repairs and down-time with your instruments. This proven rememdy works similar to a "Bandaid" as it covers the receiver outlet hole with a special pass-through filter allowing the sound to pass clearly while keeping out damaging earwax or wetness. Each Ad-Hear should last around 2-3 weeks.  *One package contains 10 individual Adhear strips.


Selecting the correct Adhear product:

  1. Determine your earwax type
    • Adhear - best for dry to normal earwax
    • Adhear Plus - best for heavy, runny and oily earwax
  2. Select your hearing aid size
    • Adhear (not to be used with CIC or IIC)
      • 5mm - mini canal or canal
      • 7mm - large canal or any half shell
      • 9mm - full shell
    • Adhear Plus (good for all styles of in-the-ear hearing aids)
      • 4mm - CIC or mini canal
      • 6mm - canal or half shell
      • 8mm - full shell
  3. Precautions - Adhear and Adhear Plus products are not recommended if you:
    • Practice poor ear hygiene
    • Have running/draining ear
    • Use ear drops, ointments, lotions, salves or sprays in the ear canal
    • Have a soft shell or silicone-coated product
The product is no longer available for purchase.

The product is no longer available for purchase.