In The Ear Cleaning Kit

Product Details:

The best defense against the inconvenience and cost of repairs is a daily maintenance and cleaning routine. This In-The-Ear Cleaning Kit contains all the tools and supplies you need to keep your In-The-Ear hearing aid in top working condition. Save over $5.00 by purchasing this combination kit.

Included in the In-The-Ear Cleaning Kit:

Dri-Aid Canister for storing your hearing aid overnight. The Dri-Aid container is rechargeable and will extract moisture out of the aid (be sure to keep your battery door open for maximum effect).

Wax Loop with Brush & Magnet. This tool is used for THE most important maintenance job......keeping the receiver tube (the hole where sound comes out of the hearing aid) free from earwax buildup. Also, the magnet is useful in battery replacement.

Spray Cleaner and Sanitizer. Helps keep germs and bacteria from growing on a hearing aid which can cause itching. A 4 oz. spray bottle should last for up to a year.

Keychain Battery Tester and Holder lets a person know when their hearing aid battery is truly getting low and needs to be replaced. This item also holds a couple of spare batteries. Since it's a keychain, you can always have it handy.

Cleaning Cloth - this is a special high-quality cleaning cloth useful in wiping off your hearing aid before and after using.

PRICE: $24.95


(Items sold separately.)