Dry & Store Device (Global)

Product Details:

This is a must for anyone having moisture or perspiration problems with their hearing aids - it's also for people who have itchy ears after wearing their aids. Simply place your instruments in this box overnight, turn it on, and your aids are fresh and ready to go every morning.

The Dry & Store Box is a high tech device that blows 95° heated air over your instruments. It has a large desiccant bar (a moisture absorbing bar) within the box that will extract the damaging moisture out of your aids overnight. As an added bonus, when you start the machine, an ultraviolet light comes on which kills any germs, bacteria, or fungus that may be present on your aids. This can be great solution for many people who have itchy ears when wearing their hearing aids.

Your investment in this device will more than pay for itself as it keeps your hearing aids germ-free, out of the repair shop and extends the longevity of your hearing aid investment. Keep your ears healthy.

The Global Dry & Store model performs equally as well as the larger Professional model. It is simply smaller and more lightweight. It's perfect for folks who travel and need to take this important daily maintenance device with them.

PRICE: $119.95


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