Desiccant Bar Replacement 3-Pack

Product Details:

Ear Technology Corp recently released the revolutionary Dry-Brik II. In development for over two years, the new desiccant product contains a more aggressive sorbent with much greater moisture-adsorbing capacity, packaged in an attractive, molded, disposable container. Dry-Brik II works with all Dry & Store models.

Dry-Brik II features a novel timer called Timestrip®. Once activated by the user, a thin red line lengthens each day, and when the timer window is completely red (2 months), the depleted Dry-Brik should be replaced with a newly-activated one. The Timestrip has been custom-designed for the temperature range of the Dry & Store product line, making color-changing cards and crystals unnecessary.

Dry-Brik II is packaged in a 3-pack. Each Dry-Brik II has a two-month life expectancy, even under the most humid conditions, so a 3-pack should last six months.

PRICE: $12.00


(Items sold separately.)