Siemens Tek Bluetooth Remote & TV Transmitter

Product Details:

Sync your hearing instruments with all your favorite electronic gadgets through Siemens' Tek remote.  You no longer need individual earpieces for each multimedia or wireless device, as you can now link your device with your hearing instruments through the Tek remote.

Connect Tek to your Cell Phone

  • Tek Remote can pair with any bluetooth-compatible cell phone to provide an enhanced listening experience.  You can take cell phone calls directly from the Tek remote as it features a built-in microphone as well as a wireless connection to your hearing aids.  There will be no more need for a separate Bluetooth earpiece - listen to conversations through your hearing instruments and speak hands-free through your Tek remote. 
  • Your cell phone can be up to 30 feet away and you can still carry on normal conversations through the Tek remote.

Connect Tek to your TV

  • Tek TV Transmitter plugs directly into your television's audio output jacks and transmits the sound to your Tek remote, which in turn transmits the sound to your hearing aids.  You no longer need to have the TV volume turned up past a comfortable level for the others in your home in order to hear.  You will experience stereo-like sound through your hearing aids so you can now understand what is being said on TV or when watching your favorite movies at home, all while hearing normal environmental sounds around you. 

Connect Tek to your MP3 Player

  • Directly connect your MP3 player to your Tek Remote for your own personalized sound.  You will no longer need those uncomfortable ear buds, as your hearing aids will be your custom-programed earphones.

Benefits of using Tek

  • Allows you to control one or both hearing instruments discreetly
  • Offers additional user control over instruments that do not have a push-button or volume control built-in
  • Displays the hearing aid(s) current program & volume settings on an easy-to-read LED display
  • Shows you battery life status of one or both instruments with the simple push of a button
  • Lets you increase or decrease the volume level easily
  • Lets you change listening program easily
  • Lets you adjust tone quality of sounds
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery


*For use only with the e2e wireless 2.0 technology-compatible hearing instruments listed below


  • Insite+ circuits (including Cobalt 16/16+, but not the ITE Energy models)
  • Bridge12+ circuits (including Cobalt 12/12+ & Onyx 12+, but not the ITE Energy or Gem 12+ models)
  • Bridge 8+ circuits (including Cobalt 8+ & Onyx 8+, but not the ITE Energy or Gem 8+ models)


  • 700 & 701 products (except the ITE Nitro models)
  • 500 & 501 products
  • 301 products (except the ITE Nitro models)
PRICE: $500.00


(Items sold separately.)