Model HA20-DX Body Aid

Product Details:

Analog 1-Channel Body Aid

For Mild to Moderate Hearing Losses


Some people just need extra help in hearing for specific situations like watching TV, riding in the car, or just around the house. The Model HA20-DX is a great solution for people with a mild to moderate hearing losses. This analog Body Aid does have a tone control, so if your hearing problem lies mostly in the higher frequencies, you (or we) can tune it in just for that. A Body Aid is an excellent choice for folks that cannot handle other, smaller kinds of hearing aids. The HA20-DX is extremely affordable both to purchase and to operate (it uses just one common size AA battery). Everything a person needs in order to wear it right out of the box is included within the purchase price. Many owners of this model use it as a reliable backup to their other style of hearing aid as well.

Suggested Retail Price: $400

  • price includes:
  • 24" straight cord (2-pin)
  • Receiver
  • Body Aid Connector
  • 3 mushroom inserts (S,M,L)
  • 1 AA battery
  • Instruction booklet


Low, low price and inexpensive to operate
Uses one AA battery (included)
Large Controls are easy to use
Features adjustable tone control
Durable components for long life
Max. SSPL90......134 dB
Av. Full-on Gain....47dB
Freq. Range.......200 - 3800 Hz
Trimpot.............tone control 

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 1 Year parts and labor warranty
 Free setting or programming if the hearing aid requires over the lifetime of the hearing aid
 45 Day Trial Period
The product is no longer available for purchase.

*2nd year Loss & Damage warranty includes: 
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  • 2nd year Parts & Labor
  • 2nd year Loss & Damage

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Model HA20-DX Body Aid 5 stars out of 5 based on 17 user reviews.
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Michael from Olympia, WA on July, 21 2017 Model HA20-DX Body Aid I've tried some moderately expensive in-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aids. I can't believe how much I was missing.

What's changed with the Rionet HA-20DX?
1. Laptop keyboards make noise
2. My right shoe squeaks
3. I can answer student questions without making them repeat themselves
4. No hearing aid feedback whistles!

1. There's a big receiver in my ear with a cord running to it, but that's less embarrassing than hearing aid feedback noises
2. Sometimes my ear gets that plugged-up stuffed feeling, and I have to remove and re-seat the receiver
3. Until I can figure out how to carry a second HA-20DX, there's no stereo/directional sound

On the balance, this is better than my first analog hearing aid and _drastically_ better than the digital aids that followed. Highly recommended.
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by jean e. on June, 20 2016 Model HA20-DX Body Aid I have found this to be most useful, first in that it makes my hearing much better,second that I can use the volume control easily, and third that I can handle and change the battery with easy, so many thanks for a good product. 5
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Jill on October, 07 2015 Model HA20-DX Body Aid My body is older i love them there are very powerful some one said they can hear there voice coming from my hearing aids i had them turn up full power i just love them i can feel sound all so thank you 5
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Richard . on November, 22 2011 Model HA20-DX Body Aid I purchased this product for my mother and it doesn't work. The reason it doesn't work is because she refuses to use it.

Why does she refuse to use it you ask? Because she hears all these funny noises, such as the faucet running, the dogs collar dinging when he shakes, the fridge humming, the trucks passing outside.... and so on.

This product is excellent PERIOD She's tried about 4 others that are tiny and fit in the ear and she can't control the dials due to their sizes. This is the size of a beeper, uses a regular AA battery, which is a major plus for hearing aids due to the ease of purchase and installing them. It's "On" and "Volume" buttons are the same as a hand held radio, so it's easy for her to use. She's 86 so all the above is a MAJOR PLUS!!

Great Aid if you don't mind wearing a beeper with a wire running to your ear.

110% satisfied. Now she just was to wear it before I lose my voice and her TV blows her speakers!!
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by August on October, 30 2011 Model HA20-DX Body Aid particularly like this aid as it runs on an AA battery and the controls are large and easy to use. hooked up to a custom-cast earpiece, also from Lloyds, its really extra comfortable. I wear it on a string around my neck under my T-shirt. 5
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Rob W., Reno, NV on December, 13 2010 Model HA20-DX Body Aid My hearing was damaged by an infection when I was an infant, so I've worn hearing aids all my life. I started out with a big box strapped to my chest, but they were able to put my aids in my glasses when I started to wear them. I got digital aids when they became available, which did help in classes and meetings. I would not be able to function without hearing aids, so I got this body aid as a backup to my behind-the-ear aids, which were very expensive. But in trying them out, I was so impressed with how wonderful it was to hear ALL the sounds, not just those selected by my aids!I get a real high from just walking outside and hearing the bird calls and the leaves rustling. It reminds me of my childhood. My girlfriend often asks to bowrrow my body aid, and she has the same experience in comparing what she hears with what comes through her fancy hearing system. There are so many advantages to using this aid, such as being able to point the microphone, which you can't do with other types, of course. I've had this body aid for over a year now, and I wear it from the moment I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night. My girlfiend is ordering one for herself as well. 5
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Robert on July, 30 2010 Model HA20-DX Body Aid I think the product is just what I needed. I like the way everything was handled. I recomend you and your services. R.L. Noble FL 5
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by August . on May, 21 2010 Model HA20-DX Body Aid this body aid is easy to adjust and uses an AA battery. the previous one lasted 4 years and two dunkings in fresh water. 5
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Donald C. on April, 23 2010 Model HA20-DX Body Aid An economical device. It may look old fashioned but improved my hearing from the as seen on TV models that cost more for the short lived batteries than those cheap in ear models. One double "A" battery last close to a week or more. Where people used to yell at me with those cheap models I now can hear people talking in a normal tone from roughly twenty feet away. Lost without it as I am also Blind making the controls easy to use. Service is great! These people really know their product. 5
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Ronnie . on December, 16 2009 Model HA20-DX Body Aid I have been wearing hearing aids for twenty years with little sucess. I bought a $4,000.00 pair of digital hearing aids last year, kept them one day and carried them back. They were no better than my old one's. I was on the internet one day and found the LLoyd's hearing aid web site. So I gave them a call. The service agent I talked to recommended that with the hearing problem I have that she would recommend I try the HA 20-DX. I bought it and for the first time in twenty years I heard ice rattle in a glass. I was at a Christmas Party this week and could carry on a conversation with all the people setting at the table with me without having to say hu, hu, hu, even with all the noise in the room. I have not been able to do this in years. I just want to say thanks to all the nice and helpful people at LLoyds. Your service has been great. 5
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Norman . on September, 11 2009 Model HA20-DX Body Aid I am pleasantly surprised at the flexibility of this hearing aid....It is simple and easy to use....I have used it in all situations and find that it can adjust to most any situation with ease....having used a number of other hearing aids, I can positively endorse this aid as the best value I have seen for the money....thank you! 5
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Bob C. on January, 26 2009 Model HA20-DX Body Aid I have been wearing in the ear and behind the ear hearing aids for at least 30 years. They all helped at different levels of hearing loss. The last bte set was over $3000.00 and worked very well at first but slowly became less effective. Living in the far northeast, moisture is a problem and performing outdoor activities sometime caused the aids to get wet and quit.
Then I had to go through the drying process or sometimes a trip to the audiologist to get a complete drying. The ear molds get hard after a time and the tubes get stiff and both have to be replaced. Not a do it a home project. I mentioned body aids a time or two but got no response. This last time just one aid quit and with my loss one aid is worse than none. So off to the WEB and I found two different body aids. Did some more research and decided to try what I found at Lloyds site. Without consulting anyone I ordered one of the body aids and waited. A few days later I the phone rang and it was a rep fromLloyds (sorry I don't remember your name, hearing loss) and the young lady ask me some questions regarding my hearing loss, then suggested that I try the less powerful body aid.
And let me tell you I could not be more pleased with the new body aid. When my wife and I travel in the car we can cary on a converstaion with no what did you say??? I recently attented a town budget meeting and committee members noticed very quickly that I could hear and respond to questions much more correctly than before. Other public meetings have gone much better than before. No the aids don't fix my hearing but they allow me to participate much more than I have for quite a long time. I have rambled on long enough, after just 11 days I say sorry I didn't look sooner.
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Jack on June, 28 2008 Model HA20-DX Body Aid I have had several highend aids, so I really didn't expect a whole lot from this device. I was pleasantly surprised to find the HA20-DX to be a very effective aid with great audio quality and battery life. My biggest problem was where to put it. I started with the shirt pocket, Too much rubbing noise and my breathing, the same thing happened when I clipped it to my shirt collar, then my belt, to far away, cords not long enough. Then I came upon the answer, I clipped it to the bill on my baseball cap, cut a small slit in the cap, ran the wires inside the cap, and oh my God, Beautiful.....Every where I looked I could hear, gone was the rubbing and wire noise, my biggest problems were solved. For the money this really is an excellent unit easily adjustable to what you like to hear. It is far better than going without! When you need to hear, it works!
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Richard Silbert on July, 02 2005 Model HA20-DX Body Aid I recently purchased the HA20-DX Body Aid and I love it. I wear a BTE, but find the body aid much better, and find myself wearing almost all the time. My girlfriend thinks I hear much better with the body aid than the BTE. 5
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Richard Silbert on July, 02 2005 Model HA20-DX Body Aid I recently purchased the HA20-DX Body Aid and I love it. i wear a BTE, but find the body aid much better, and find myself wearing almost all the time. My girlfriend thinks i hear much better with the body aid than the BTE. 5
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by Bruce Trainor on March, 23 2005 Model HA20-DX Body Aid Mine arrived by mail this morning and it works just great. I hav 2 BTE aids, the newer was 1700.00 Canadian, bought just 3 months ago from a continent wide franchise and manufacturer. This cost about 250.00 US with the extra receiver.

The body mount is superior in every way to the BTE aids and works out to about 15% of the cost.

There is no background noise at all and the mushroom ear things are, to me, far more comfortable than than the plastic things that go into the the ear. The only disadvantage is that everyone thinks I am wearing a walkman. Lots of people do that by choice so that doesn't bother me. Anyway pretty doesn't cut it with me, results do. This aid give darned good results. I am glad I bought it.

Bruce T.
Courtenay BC Canada
23 Mar 2005
Model HA20-DX Body Aid Reviewed by HARVEY . on December, 11 2009 Model HA20-DX Body Aid A sensible, useful, easy to use beginner for moderate needs. Easy to install batteies. 4