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For those searching for very affordable hearing help yet good quality, the Spectra-S is a excellent value. This hearing aid comes out of the Siemen's family of companies. The Spectra-S is for mild or moderate hearing losses, not for a severe loss. Since the aid features two trimpots, one for tone and one for output, this aid can also handle sloping high-frequency losses. Reliability is good with the Spectra-S. It's a larger aid and uses the larger, #675 battery. You can expect three week's to a month's life from a battery.

The Spectra-S is a basic, conventional instrument. It is analog and linear. This hearing aid features a volume control as well as an M-T-O switch (microphone/telephone/off). The middle position of the switch is a special setting for telephone use. The manual trimpots are easily accessed and simple to adjust should a person desire to do some of their own fine tuning adjustments. Everything needed to wear this aid right out of the box is included at no extra charge.

For moderate hearing loss
Quality instruments at very affordable prices

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  • 2nd year Loss & Damage

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