Rexton Targa2P Digital

Product Details:

Technical Description:

  • Targa2P BTE is a high power, mid-level 100% digital hearing instrument offering 2 channels with up to 3 independently programmable memories.
  • Programming capabilities of Targa2P include independently adjustable gain and compression in the low and high frequencies, master gain control, adjustable cross-over frequency, AGC-O to adjust output, and a power boost adjustment to help increase the fitting range for more severe hearing losses. 
  • The adaptive anit-feedback notch filter is an excellent solution for potential feedback.  Microphone Noise Reduction is standard on Targa2P.  Targa2P has an automatic audio input program that is compatible with both FM and MLX systems.
  • Fitting Recommendation:
  • Targa2P can fit mild to severe hearing losses of most configurations including high frequency, sloping, flat, and recursive curve

  • Max Output SSPL90 130dB
  • Avg. Full-on Gain 65dB
  • Frequency Response 120Hz to 5800Hz

    Suggested Retail Price:  $1200-$1300

All new hearing aids come with:
 Free Domestic Shipping
 Free Supply of Batteries which will be shipped with the hearing aid
 1 Year parts and labor warranty
 Free setting or programming if the hearing aid requires over the lifetime of the hearing aid
 45 Day Trial Period
The product is no longer available for purchase.

*2nd year Loss & Damage warranty includes: 
  • 1st year Loss & Damage
  • 2nd year Parts & Labor
  • 2nd year Loss & Damage

    *All Loss & Damage claims require a deductible payment. *Not all products are eligible for Loss & Damage coverage. Available warranty coverage is listed in the orderable option

Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE 5 stars out of 5 based on 5 user reviews.
Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE Reviewed by Bruce Rawleigh on September, 20 2007 Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE I have purchased various aids from Lloyds over the years, but I have to say this time, with the online hearing test, my new pair of Targa 2P's were right on the first try! Am very happy with them, and also today, I had opportunity to use the setting for noisy environments at a meeting and it works very well. As soon as my insurance reimburses me I will be ordering a pair of in the ear half shells so I will have spares. By the way, my compliments to Erika, she is great to talk with and answered all my questions. 5
Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE Reviewed by Robert M Owens on July, 02 2007 Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE If you have to have a BTE aid and you don't need automatic channel changing, this is a great deal. I have moderate loss and had to have a BTE because of ear operations. It was half the price of every other estimate that I got. Well worth the money. The people at Lloyds were great. You might want to add an extra-small/large mushroom to your order to be sure it works right out of the box. 5
Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE Reviewed by Richard Paulding Sr on September, 11 2006 Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE Even though I am using the tip this is a great aid for the price, I am waiting for my custom mold to see how that works. 5
Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE Reviewed by Joseph on July, 15 2006 Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE This hearing aid is by far the most successful hearing instrument I have ever had. I have a moderately severe loss in both ears and this has allowed me to hear better than I thought I would be able to. Also, the folks at Lloyds, particularly Andy Palmquist, have been most helpful in getting me fitted to the best instrument possible for my hearing loss, and at a price that is reasonable. Other hearing aid dispensers were recommending instruments that were closer to the $2000 range. You multiply that by two and you're into big bucks. Joseph 5
Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE Reviewed by Curtis dickinson on March, 22 2005 Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE I bought this for my mom. It's her first hearing aid at age 70. It was programmed based on the audiogram. I dreaded buying her one because i assummed she'd be a hard sell. But she had not one complaint! I was pleasantly surprised. I made sure she tried the telecoil and went to her usual hangouts to be sure it did not need adjusting. no adjustig needed! It wa amazing. She is ecstatic at the new sound she has. And she loved the price especially after an audiologist wanted to sell her one for $1900. When she balked the audiologist then offerred another at $1500. Too much. So she waited another year before finally asking me to help her. But two weeks after getting the aid she melted it! Sigh. But even with the repair cost she saved money. What a great deal for her! Regards, Curtis 5