Rexton Voyage Digital

Product Details:

Technical Description

  • The Voyage BTE digital hearing instrument offers 16 channels and three programmable memories.A six band independent compression AGC-I system with adjustable crossover frequencies, independent CK and CR adjustments, and individual compression dynamic adjustments provide the professional with maximum flexibility when fitting difficult hearing losses.The new Delta-Logic. fitting protocol further enhances the performance of the instrument based upon specific lifestyle parameters.

    Fitting Recommendation:

  • The Voyage BTE digital hearing instrument is recommended for mild to moderately severe hearing losses of most configurations.

  • Available Accessories:

  • Audio shoe & cords


  • Microlink compatible

  • Specs:

  • Max Output SSPL90 124dB

  • Avg. Full-on Gain 52dB

  • Frequency Response 100Hz to 5750Hz

  • Suggested Retail Price:  $2500-$2600

All new hearing aids come with:
 Free Domestic Shipping
 Free Supply of Batteries which will be shipped with the hearing aid
 1 Year parts and labor warranty
 Free setting or programming if the hearing aid requires over the lifetime of the hearing aid
 45 Day Trial Period
The product is no longer available for purchase.

*2nd year Loss & Damage warranty includes: 
  • 1st year Loss & Damage
  • 2nd year Parts & Labor
  • 2nd year Loss & Damage

    *All Loss & Damage claims require a deductible payment. *Not all products are eligible for Loss & Damage coverage. Available warranty coverage is listed in the orderable option