Base 2HP

Product Details:

Digital 1-Channel Behind-the-Ear Instrument
For Severe to Profound Hearing Losses

Standard Base 2HP BTE Features:

  • Single channel digital signal processing with 4 manual adjustment trimmer screws for simple, flexible fitting
    • Low Cut (NH) - for controlling the amount of low bassy tones
    • High Cut (HC) - for controlling the amount of high frequency tones, helps with feedback reduction as well
    • Compression (AGC-O) - for controlling output compression, or sound dampening, of loud sounds
    • Gain (G) - determines the power of the hearing aid prior to the adjustment through your volume control
  • Audible beep for program change and low battery
  • 2 listening programs: microphone and telecoil
  • Feedback Cancellation
  • Volume control wheel
  • Telecoil (separate button control)
  • Uses #675 battery
  • Available colors -- beige only

All new hearing aids come with:
 Free Domestic Shipping
 Free Supply of Batteries which will be shipped with the hearing aid
 1 Year parts and labor warranty
 Free setting or programming if the hearing aid requires over the lifetime of the hearing aid
 45 Day Trial Period
PRICE: $499.50

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(Prices are per hearing aid.)

*2nd year Loss & Damage warranty includes: 
  • 1st year Loss & Damage
  • 2nd year Parts & Labor
  • 2nd year Loss & Damage

    *All Loss & Damage claims require a deductible payment. *Not all products are eligible for Loss & Damage coverage. Available warranty coverage is listed in the orderable option

Base 2HP 5 stars out of 5 based on 21 user reviews.
Base 2HP Reviewed by Bobbie . on April, 11 2020 Base 2HP I purchased this hearing aid during the covid-19 shut down but they got it right out to me. this is the 2nd one I purchased from them, I did not realize how much I was missing, my hearing is pretty bad but I have this on lowest setting an can hear great. If you need a hearing aid I would suggest them. Very good quality an best price any where... 5
Base 2HP Reviewed by Barbara E. on June, 25 2015 Base 2HP I've had several aids in the 65 years that I've worn them and this one is the best so far. No issues with it in the time I had it. Believe whenever I need one for the other ear, I'll go for the same brand and model. 5
Base 2HP Reviewed by Paul on January, 06 2014 Base 2HP I love my hearing aids and I can hear very good with them very well. I would recommand them to anyone that need hearing aides 5
Base 2HP Reviewed by PATRICIA . on November, 11 2010 Base 2HP I PURCHASED THIS HEARING AID FOR MY MOTHER. SHE IS
Base 2HP Reviewed by Wolfgang J. on September, 23 2010 Base 2HP I have recently (Sept 2010) purchased the Rexton Arena 1 HP Hearing Aid from Lloyd via the Internet and received the Aid 6 days after ordering. I live in Hamilton, Canada and am very pleased with the prompt shipment.

The Hearing Aid came with everything needed for immediate use, all nicely packaged, with operating instructions and an easy to understand adjustment sheet that was very handy for me. Out of the box the hearing aid was set to very high power and a little to strong for my hearing disability but after some adjustments, turning down the overall volume, adding more low (bass) tone and reducing the Gain a little it worked wonderful for me. Compared to the Oticon Tego Aids that I had purchased 4 years ago from a local dispenser at 4 times the price (each) I can say that this Rexton Arena Aid is every bit as good and, in my opinion, better than the Oticon Aids. I would recommend Lloyd without any hesitation. Count me as a satisfied client.

Wolfgang B.
Base 2HP Reviewed by andrew . on September, 20 2010 Base 2HP Great price, much less than my mother was quoted in Greece. Service is great too! My mother sent me her ear molds and Lloyd had the ear inserts made. She is very happy with her Arena hearing aids.

It is nice to work with a company like Lloyds.
Base 2HP Reviewed by Leonard . on September, 16 2010 Base 2HP Excellent aid and help from Lloyd's..This is my second aid from Lloyds.
My first aid purchased from them over ten years ago worked well till it was accidentally destroyed.
This new one a BTE model is one of the cheapest from the catalog, yet still has more than enough gain than I need yet has clear as a bell sound even at full volume. A simple digital model, this Rexton still performs great! At home alone merely watching tv or in a crowded noisy diner or public place. Even in a noisy public room I can still clearly hear and understand all persons conversation seated within normal hearing range. Likewise walking around and while driving..While driving can enjoy radio and still hear engine and traffic clearly..Even music in all situations above at any volume is distortion free and hifi..In short such clear detailed noise free sound always makes me wonder that spending over twice as much for a fancy digital model would surely be a simple waste of money, as this model is so great already how much better could a fancy digital model be?
My frist aid a half shell custom analog model from Lloyds I did manage to break once breaking the shell my fault and sending it in I received prompt turn around after warranty for the standard charge..
To conclude I suggest see if you can get an upto date audiogram from your doctor to send in to a Lloyds sales person so they can find the right model for you...Take my word for it, the right aid they will send you will save you at least FIFTY PERCENT OR MORE with equal or better performance from going to any major brand store and being fitted there.. Combined with great customer service including resasonable fast repairs you just can't beat Lloyds! Really with Lloyds free trial period for any aid your crazy not to buy a aid from them instead of letting yourself fall prey to all those major brand hearing aid shops in your town.. As a satisfied customer for over ten years I am glad to continue to stay with them..
Base 2HP Reviewed by THOMAS L. on August, 08 2010 Base 2HP i liked them but my 79 year old dad could not find them user friendly lol. we have order different ones that he likes better
Base 2HP Reviewed by Frederick on July, 03 2010 Base 2HP The Rexton Arena is a great hearing aid! An all digital instrument at an affordable price! You have got to hand it to Lloyds to make such a fine instrument affordable to everyone. This is my second hearing aid from Lloyds, the first was an analog model and it was all i could afford at the time! It gave me four years of excellent service! But the Rexton Arena has opened up a whole new world for me, Thank You Lloyds!! Frederick B., Hilo, HI 5
Base 2HP Reviewed by Pauline M. on October, 21 2009 Base 2HP The hearing aid I purchased is working very well. I will soon be ordering another one as the older one I have isn't working the way it should and i will definitely be replacing it with the same model I recently purchased. It is very easy to use, and I especially like the on and off control and how easy it is to switch to the phone. 5
Base 2HP Reviewed by Jessie L. on September, 20 2009 Base 2HP Very good sound to aid the push button took me some time to get used to it, now I live it more then the wheel type aids, sounds very good on the phone too, Like this aid alot, and recormend it to everyone, a very good aid at the price, will be ordering another one for back up very soon, 5
Base 2HP Reviewed by Roy J. on August, 03 2009 Base 2HP I have spent in excess of $3,500.00 for other aids which although smaller in size did no perform half as well as the unit I received from Lloyds at one eighth the cost.

Count me as an extremely satisfied customer who would not hesitate to
deal with your company at any time in the future.

I only wish I had found out about your company before I spent this needless amount of money on my first aid.

I cannot thank you enough.
Base 2HP Reviewed by Maria . on May, 25 2009 Base 2HP I recieved my hearing aids today, very quick since i live in Sweden and they are very good, I can actually hear again, they are also cosmetic appealing. I love the brown color (Rexton Arena 1HP). I will definitely order from Lloyds hearing aid again.
Base 2HP Reviewed by Peggy C. on April, 27 2009 Base 2HP Excellent customer service, both by phone and by email response. Wonderful product-affordable for my budget-pleased with the results that I have gotten. Thanks! 5
Base 2HP Reviewed by George H. on April, 08 2009 Base 2HP I've been a hearing aid user for almost 45 years. One of the first aids that I purchased was from Llyods. That aid gave me many years of reliable service

I recently purchased a Rexton Arena 1HP+. I have been wearing it continually since it was delivered. As was claimed, it is a powerful aid and I find that it is perfectly suited to my severe to pround hearing loss.

I highly recommend Lloyds as a dependle source for hearing aids.
Base 2HP Reviewed by Julio . on January, 30 2009 Base 2HP 5
Base 2HP Reviewed by CJ on January, 21 2009 Base 2HP I love my hearing aid. The shipping was very quick. I plan to order my hearing products from Lloyds in the future. 5
Base 2HP Reviewed by Jason Chester on April, 10 2011 Base 2HP The hearing aids are great. They stay real clean. I have not had to clean them since I got them. The plastic case the hearing aid parts are encased in is not smooth, there is a slight texture to them. That helps significantly with the aids staying clean.

The power is enough for anyone with moderate to severe hearing loss. They supposedly will work for someone with profound hearing loss, but the power does not seem intense enough for someone with profound hearing loss. Nevertheless, they are pretty powerful.

I do not get any feedback unless I move my jaw. That is reduced though by turning the volume down. Turning the volume down helps a lot with the feedback. They are not hard to turn down either, but do take some getting used too as there is no wheel. The volume can be decreased or increase by pressing the slider at the top or bottom.

Tcoil is good, but could be better. If Tcoil was better they I would have given 5 stars rather than 4. I get buzz when I do not have anything connected, like a neck loop, when I am in Tcoil mode. That is very, very annoying.

The batteries do not drain fast. I have been using the aids for 1 week straight and the batteries are not even 1/4th drained. The aids use the bigger 675 blue batteries. The batteries can be hard to get in and out of the compartment which can be frustrating, but its a good thing too. That means they are fitting more snug. They do seem to fit real snug during use and when inserting.

Opening the battery door can be difficult. it only opens 1/8th of the way. I had to use a straight blade screwdriver, like the kind you use for your eye glasses, to push the door forward. it did pop open though. If not careful and gentle the aid could be damaged while doing this. I seen nothing inside that could be damaged though. ****Note from Lloyds: Do not use any blades to open the battery door. The 1/8th inch stopping point is an intentional feature to keep the battery door from opening too far and the battery falling out when the BTE is not in use. When it's open 1/8th of an inch, just use your finger to apply more pressure and it will swing open the rest of the way.****

The aids do not seem heavy. They are fairly lightweight. They are bigger than most hearing aids not using a 675 blue battery, so if you got really small ear lobes you may want to find a smaller hearing aid. They do seem to fit fine around my ears though and my ears are average size.
Base 2HP Reviewed by john m. on June, 21 2009 Base 2HP 4
Base 2HP Reviewed by Jack W. on June, 20 2019 Base 2HP The hearing aid has plenty of power.
The adjustment slots in the trimpots are practicaly invisable so it's extremely hard to adjust. The slots should be highlighted.
The trimpot cover fell off while adjusting and I can't put it back on.
It has no directional capability so picks up all background noise.
Base 2HP Reviewed by Herminio . on May, 06 2009 Base 2HP 3