Rexton Gem 12

Product Details:

Fully Digital 12-Channel Receiver-in-Canal Behind-the-Ear Instrument

For Mild to Moderately Severe & Ski Slope High Frequency Hearing Losses


Rexton recently launched the most comfortable, advanced, and stylish receiver-in-canal BTE of its kind – the GEM. The GEM brings to you a new level of personalization by offering a variety of interchangeable color plates so your hearing instrument can match your every style. The smart technology offers wearers true freedom and clarity in any situation with newly enhanced features -- the best speech intelligibility in noisy environments, the smoothing of loud instantaneous sounds (ie. glass breaking, clapping, door slamming, etc), advanced electronic reduction of wind noise, and audible beeps which ensure you can always hear the program-change beeps no matter what the noise level is around you. GEM is available in 2 different performance levels – the GEM 12 and the GEM 8.



Product Highlights:




  •  Color Conversion - 8 color plate options to choose from. You can mix and match any plate color with another for a completely personalized hearing instrument to match any style 
  •  Sound Locator - allows you to accurately pinpoint exactly which direction sounds around you are coming from 
  •  Data Logging - collect information on hearing preferences such as duration of use, volume changes, and program usage that can be used for more accurate future programming needs 
  •  Automatic Acclimatization - automatically increases the gain (power) over a preset period of time until it reaches the desired pre-programmed level so that you have time to adjust gradually and comfortably to better hearing 
  • AquaProtect - multiple layers of moisture & debris protection features technologies such as Nanocoating, Microphone Gore-Tex, and C-Guard Wax protection systems. 
  • ProPocket Remote Control (optional accessory) – volume adjustment, program changes, control without fuss, as well as instrument status (including battery power level) can be made with the touch of a button
  •  Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) Design - this is an adaptation to the standard open-fit style. With the receiver being in your canal rather than behind the ear, it extends the fitting range of open-fit instruments to people with more severe hearing loss especially in the high frequencies. The special vented ear piece allows your ear canal to remain open-feeling, and you will not experience occlusion (the sensation that your ear is plugged or that you are talking into a barrel). Also the compact design of the BTE, paired with the thin tube, allows this type of instrument to be the most discreet BTE style available.



    Standard REXTON Gem 12 RIC BTE Features:


  •  For mild to moderately severe & ski slope high frequency hearing losses
  •  Programmable, 12-channel digital signal processing
  • AquaProtect
  • Dome ear pieces feature C-Guard wax resistant technology
  • Sound Smoothing
  •  Background noise reduction with speech enhancement
  • Automatic and adaptive feedback cancellation
  • High performance, automatic and adaptive directional microphone
  • Natural loudness compensation
  • SoundSmoothing
  • Sound Locator
  • Interchangeable color plates
  • Automatic Acclimatization
  • Automatic situation detection, including music detection (optional programming feature)
  •  Data Logging
  • Wind noise cancellation
  • Nanocoated housing that repels water and prevents moisture damage
  • Up to four individual listening programs
  • Program selection push-button
  • NO manual volume control wheel (volume adjustment only with ProPocket remote)
  • Adaptive program control alert level – the loudness of your program beeps will change depending upon the level of surrounding noise in your environment
  •   Optional use of ProPocket remote to control volume, change program, & get battery life readout (optional accessory)
  • Size 10 battery
  • Available Colors - beige, brown, granite, gray, charcoal, pearl white, silver, crimson
  • Please note that this is a special order item






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