Siemens Motion 701

Product Details:

Fully Digital 16-Channel Custom Instrument

For Mild to Moderately Severe Hearing Losses


The Siemens MOTION is designed specifically for those who want the most state-of-the-art hearing solutions available. MOTION offers Siemens' latest and greatest technological feature sets just like the PURE circuit, but you now can have these features packaged in any style ITE or traditional BTE. You can control the hearing instruments wirelessly or allow them to automatically adjust settings in any environment, allowing you the freedom to hear and converse easily without anyone ever knowing you wear a hearing aid. MOTION is available at 4 performance levels – Motion 701, Motion 501, Motion 300, and Motion 100.



Product Highlights:




  •  SoundBrilliance - like nothing before, it enhances your ability to hear and recognize high pitches for the most complete and well-balanced perception of sound available 
  •  SoundLearning - learns your general volume preferences, as well as your preferred settings for both loud and soft sounds in each hearing program and automatically adjusts, also logs data to assist professionals in fitting and counseling in follow-up visits 
  •  TruEar - allows you to accurately pinpoint exactly which direction sounds around you are coming from 
  • Sound Smoothing - the first and only sound suppression system that reduces annoying impulsive non-speech sounds such as the rustling of paper, the clanking of dishes, breaking glass – while leaving speech signals intact. It can actually detect the difference between human voice patterns and non-speech sounds, and will enhance the voice signals by suppressing the non-speech sounds 
  • e2e Wireless 2.0 - synchronize the signal processing of both hearing instruments so that they operate simultaneously as one unit. This means that the two instruments are always properly balanced so you hear and identify sounds better (compatible with all 3 remote options – Tek, ProPocket, ePen) 
  • Tek Bluetooth Technology – turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset. Pair the Tek remote with your cellphone for ease of making and receiving calls. You can even respond hands-free through the remote's built-in microphone, all while listening clearly through your hearing aids. Tek remote also offers a TV transmitter for clear, stereo sound when you want to watch your favorite television shows or movies.
  • Remote Controls (optional accessory) – volume adjustment, program changes, control without fuss, as well as instrument status (including battery power level) can be made with the touch of a button (available in Tek Bluetooth remote package, ProPocket Remote, and ePen remote)





Standard SIEMENS Motion 701 Canal Features:




  •  For mild to moderately severe hearing losses
  •  Programmable, 16-channel digital signal processing
  •  e2e (ear-to-ear) Wireless 2.0
  •   Optional use of remote to control volume, change program, & get battery life readout
  • SoundBrilliance technology
  • TruEar technology
  • SoundLearning technology
  • SoundSmoothing technology
  •  Background noise reduction with speech enhancement
  • FeedbackBlocker - automatic and adaptive feedback cancellation
  •  Automatic situation detection, including music detection (optional programming feature)
  •  Data Learning
  • Up to five individual listening programs
  • Program selection push-button
  • Manual volume control wheel
  • Optional telecoil (t-coil)
  • Optional directional microphone
  • Audible alert tones for low battery and program change
  • Size 10 or 312 battery
  • Available Colors - beige, brown, and tan
  • Please note, this is a custom-made hearing aid. Returns are subject to a $50 non-refundable deposit.






All new hearing aids come with:
 Free Domestic Shipping
 Free Supply of Batteries which will be shipped with the hearing aid
 1 Year parts and labor warranty
 Free setting or programming if the hearing aid requires over the lifetime of the hearing aid
 45 Day Trial Period
The product is no longer available for purchase.

*2nd year Loss & Damage warranty includes: 
  • 1st year Loss & Damage
  • 2nd year Parts & Labor
  • 2nd year Loss & Damage

    *All Loss & Damage claims require a deductible payment. *Not all products are eligible for Loss & Damage coverage. Available warranty coverage is listed in the orderable option