Siemens Artis S e2e

Product Details:

Digital 12-Channel Behind-the-Ear Instrument
For Mild to Moderately Severe hearing losses

ARTIS™ with e2e wireless™
e2e wireless for outstanding binaural performance

For patients with binaural fittings, ARTIS is available with e2e wireless technology which synchronizes the directional microphone system to ensure the best possible localization and directivity. It also offers the convenience of one touch control, allowing the wearer to adjust both instruments with the touch of a button. Even more control and convenience is available with the optional ePocket™ remote control, a discreet, user friendly device that eliminates the need for physical controls on the instrument. With ePocket, wearers can enjoy the convenience of both volume control and additional memories.

All ARTIS e2e instruments feature:

  • Synchronized directional microphones
  • Synchronized program switching
  • Synchronized volume control adjustment
  • Optional bi-directional ePocket™ remote control with read-out function
  • New nanocoated housing

ARTIS BTE e2e models now feature nanocoated housings, a new technology that repels water, sweat, and other adherents to prevent corrosion and improve reliability.
ARTIS™ e2e is a true breakthrough in binaural hearing instrument design.

No other mid-range instrument offers more advanced features, or a higher level of sound quality, reliability, and wearer comfort. ARTIS e2e is a high-performance instrument you can recommend with confidence to even your most discerning patients.

We're clearing our stock room of some new-old stock to make room for more current products!  This product is not currently in production by Siemens.  Normal retail price of $1850 per unit.  Only 2 left in stock!

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The product is no longer available for purchase.

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