As the oldest and largest hearing aid mail-order company, Lloyds prides itself on service. The repair and maintenance of your instrument is an important part of our service commitment. Lloyds has an experienced team of repair technicians on staff to handle many problems that might arise.

Repair Service Rates
Standard Analog repair with a six-month warranty $90
Repair with a twelve month warranty add $25
If your behind-the-ear aid has a cracked or broken case add $60
Custom in-the-ear instruments with shell or faceplate damage add $80
If you want a repaired/replacement or loaner aid sent out immediately add $25
Lloyd aids over 10 years with a three month warranty add $25
C.I.C. aids add $25
Horizon Ill analog aids add $20
All other analog programmable instruments add $40
100% digital aids with 6 month warranty add $90
These prices include standard shipping back to you once the hearing aid
is repaired. Please allow about three weeks for normal repairs.

Besides top-quality repairs for our own Lloyd hearing instruments, we can also repair any brand, make or model you may have. Rates are the same as above. Please, no non-Lloyd hearing aids over seven years old.

Package the hearing aid in a sturdy box. Include a short note describing any problems. Please enclose check with order. For your own protection we suggest you send it by U.RS., insured mail, or an overnight delivery service. Send to:

4435 Manchester Drive
Rockford, IL 61109

I had a hearing aid that my local dealer told me was worthless, but you folks restored it to like new condition.
E.G., Dennis, MS