(for severe hearing loss)

  • Excellent economy in a high-powered instrument
  • Large controls for easy operation
  • Has telephone switch
  • Uses #675 battery
  • Features two trimpots (tone and gain) for fine-tuning adjustments
  • Specially designed earhook to reduce wind noise
  • Good reliability

  • Max. SSPL9O 136dB
    Av. Full-on Gain 66dB
    Freq. Range .... 170-4300 Hz

    No longer available for sale.
    The reliability of my Lloyd aids far exceed that of friends that have spent three to four times as much for less satisfaction and quality.
    W W, West Glacier, MT
    Thank you for your excellent service. When I called, you understood my hearing problem and not only adjusted my hearing aid plus you returned it to the factory for the modfication of the shell of the aid. Now the hearing aids are more comfortable to wear. I can also hear much better plus I can use the other programs in restaurant situations and when I'm in a room where acoustics are a problem for me.
    W B. Fresno, CA