for severe to profound loss
  • Many audiologists' choice for profound hearing loss
  • Extremely high gain and output

  • 3 trim pots for maximum benefit

  • Features adjustable AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

  • Uses #675 battery

  • Model 390 offers extremely low frequency amplification

  • Model 380 has more typical frequency range
  • No longer available for sale. No longer available for sale.

    for behind-the-ear instruments
    A custom earmold is an important part of an optimum behind-the-ear instrument fit. It is the best way to prevent feedback (squealing or whistling) and important in obtaining a comfortable, secure fitting. With venting, it can help eliminate a plugged feeling or the sensation of "talking in a barrel."
    Custom Earmold (BTE) - Hard Lucite........$43.95
    Custom Earmold (BTE) - Soft Silicone........$53.95
    HOW TO ORDER A CUSTOM EARMOLD - Send #dollarformat(SPrice)# for a standard custom mold or #dollarformat(JBPrice)# for the JB-1 000 soft-mold (+$2.00 shipping). We will send you premeasured materials and detailed instructions. Taking impressions is simple - tens of thousands of our customers have successfully done this over the years. Send the completed impressions back, then allow two to three weeks for the finished earmold.

    *The JB-1000 soft mold is often used for severe losses and high powered instruments.

    Photos A and B also show the procedure for the taking of an impression for any custom-made, in-the-ear type of aid. We send you the material at no charge.