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Here's a fantastic value for mid-level digital hearing solutions....the Rexton Targa2 series. If it sounds like people are mumbling, or you're having problems picking out words, the clarity of these digital aids will make a huge difference in your ability to communicate with your loved ones. Or if you already wear hearing aids, the Targa2 is an excellent move up into today's technology but at pricing that won't break the bank. This is definitely one of the best values Lloyds has been able to offer in over 40 years.

All hearing aid orders will receive free shipping and a supply of batteries

Online Specials
Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE $675.00
Rexton Targa2 Full Shell $745.00
Rexton Targa2 Half Shell $825.00
Rexton Targa2 Canal $895.00
Rexton Targa2 CIC $1,095.00
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All hearing aid orders placed online will receive free shipping and a supply of batteries.

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