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Lloyds, the first company to offer discounted hearing aids through the mail, now offers those same discounts over the web! For over 45 years, Lloyds has helped people enjoy a better quality of life by solving their hearing problems. We're the real McCoy.

Elite 5 XM $1,495.00

Joy 1 XM $795.00

Joy 1 CIC $795.00

Stock Mini Canal Aid - Analog+ iHear $279.50

Base 3P $399.50

Bliss 3 Full Shell $995.00

Base 2HP $499.50

Rexton Emerald 40 $1,495.00

Base XM's $1,095.00

When placing an order over the telephone, please give the customer representative reference code #333 to receive your free shipping and a year of batteries for all hearing aid orders!

All hearing aid orders placed online will receive free shipping and a year supply of batteries.

Can I really buy a hearing aid over the Internet?

Our commitment is to you, our highly valued customer. We provide the world's best hearing aids for any type of hearing aid losses in all of the styles available at prices you can afford. If you need a hearing aid or other hearing aid products, just browse our website. We know you would be pleasantly surprised at not only our prices but our vast selection. We stand behind every hearing aid we sell to ensure total satisfaction. All of our hearing aids come with a 45-day, money back guarantee. We don't want a Lloyds hearing aid sitting in your drawer. Please visit our Testimonials page to view what just a few of our happy customers are saying about us.

At Lloyds, we understand how important your sense of hearing is to both you and your family. Our team of professionals is ready to help find the right hearing aid for your individual hearing needs. We offer our hearing aid services with pride. At Lloyds, you are treated like a person, not a number.

Lloyd Hearing Aids dispenses a wide variety of hearing aid products at the very best prices - prices the average person can afford. These products include: canal hearing aids, full shell hearing aids, half shell hearing aids, completely in canal hearing aids, behind the ear hearing aids, open fit hearing aids, receiver in the canal BTE aids, body aid hearing aids, body aid accessories, behind the ear hearing aid accessories, Hearng Components hearing aid accessories, Hear and Go hearing aids, and the best prices anywhere on name-brand hearing aid batteries. Give Lloyd Hearing Aid Corp. an opportunity to show you the quality of our major manufacturers' hearing aids along with the top notch quality of our professional hearing aid services. Lloyds provides high quality repair service for not only all of our manufacturers' name brand aids, but even repair services for aids we didn't sell! Our brand-name hearing aid batteries are The Best Deal On the Internet. And with our wide variety of hearing aid accessories, we makes Lloyds THE One-Stop Shop for all your hearing aid needs.

If you have an audiogram and you are interested in finding which of our high quality aids will work for well you, please visit our 'How To Pick an Aid' webpage (look at the navigation menu to the left). Our 'How to Pick an Aid' page will not only help you find aids designed for your specific level of hearing loss, but it will also help you read your audiogram. We carry many styles of aids for all levels and types of hearing loss.

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I want to thank you for all your help and doing whatever is necessary to see that I am satisfied with your product.
Going the extra distance is much appreciated. There are still a few businesses around that will do that however that number seems to continue to dwindle I'm sorry to say. I guess I don't have to tell you that I've already sent a customer to you that did purchase a pair of aids and I will continue to do so.

Best regards,
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