Stock Canal Digital IHear
(for moderate hearing loss)
  • Fits deep into the ear canal
  • Has a tone trimpot useful for fine tuning
  • and feedback reduction management
  • Uses #10 battery
  • Has raised volume control
  • Features extraction string for easy
  • removal
    Suggested Retail Price - $600
    Analog I-Hear
    Digital I-Hear
    Max Output 109dB
    Avg. Full-on Gain 35dB
    Freq. Range . . . .200-6500 Hz
    Max Output 112dB
    Avg. Full-on Gain 30dB
    Freq. Range....200-6700 Hz
    I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your type of hearing aid (i-Hear). For 3 years I had another one that cost a large amount of money and I never got the use of of it that I should have. Thank you for the wonderful holidays that I have had. It was so good to hear the conversation loud and clear for a change.
    F.P., Kiln, MS