Lloyd Warranty
Lloyd Hearing Aid Corporation takes pride in its products. Our hearing aids are manufactured to the highest standards. However, should your Lloyd Aid prove defective within one year of sale, return it and we will, at our option, repair or replace it free of charge. If, within forty-five (45) days of date of invoice, it does not perform to your satisfaction, we will replace it with a new instrument of equal quality and price at no charge, or if you prefer, refund your purchase price if already paid.

Q: Can I really buy a hearing aid through the mail?
A: Absolutely! Over the last forty years we have served more than 300,000 satisfied customers in all fifty states and across the world.

Q: These prices are so mush lower than what I have been paying. Why the big difference?
A: Simple We cut out the big commissions and markups. We buy in large quantities from the top manufacturers and pass those savings directly on to you. These are the exact same hearing aids you'll find in local dealers' offices or audiology clinics.

Q: How do you know what I need? Don't I need to be tested and fitted in person by someone?
A: Not necessarily, though we do advise that you visit your doctor to confirm your hearing loss and check to see what can be done medically Our job is to provide you with an instrument that best matches your hearing needs. Please fill out the hearing loss questionnaire, send a copy of your audiogram, or take a free hearing test on our website.

Q: What about the old saying, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?
A: With Lloyds, what you see is what you get. We have always been dedicated to providing the best quality at the lowest price. But you don't have to trust us.. .we trust you by allowing you a home trial of the aid of your choice before you decide to buy!

The Advantages of Wearing Two Hearing Aids
  • Safety When a person hears with only one ear, it is hard to locate the direction of sounds, which can be dangerous, especially in traffic.
  • Improved Understanding Using two hearing aids allows you to reduce the volume you need to understand the world around you. It helps you sort out and understand individual voices better.
  • Easier Listening Listening with only one ear can be physically tiring and stressful.
  • Keeping Both Ears Active When a person with a hearing impairment wears only one hearing aid when they need two, the unused ear tends to lose the ability to hear and understand.
  • Identifying Sounds Many sounds which seem almost the same when heard by one ear can easily be identified with two ears.
  • More Natural Sound Quality Using two hearing aids will usually require less volume, giving a more natural sound to voices and music.