the ultimate in invisible-ear technology

  • The smallest size hearing aid on the market
  • All micro-electronics are contained in the shell situated deep in the ear canal
  • Survey results show extremely high user satisfaction for telephone usage - minimal feedback
  • Excellent natural sound reproduction
  • Wind noise is minimized due to recessed location in the ear
  • No more fussing with volume controls; standard model has screw-set volume adjustment only
  • Comes with Class D circuit
  • Uses #10 battery

    Suggested retail price.........$1500
    No longer available for sale.

    for mild to moderate hearing loss

  • It's barely noticeable - fits right at the opening of the ear canal
  • Very comfortable and secure fit
  • Completely customized to your individual hearing loss and the shape of your ear
  • Has the exact same inner working components built into instruments which are twice the price
  • Uses #312 battery
  • Features one trimpot control (tone or gain) at no extra charge

  • ANALOG MODEL 150 Suggested retail price..............$1000 No longer available for sale.