Acuris the world's most advanced hearing aid system

Now, for the first time, wearing two hearing instruments offers a new level of sophistication not possible before. Because of E2E (ear-to-ear) wireless technology, ACURIS hearing instruments actually communicate with each other. They sense, analyze, interpret, share and adjust continuously and automatically.

Siemens' goal in developing ACURIS was to ensure the end result produced incredible performance with a new level of ease, simplicity and comfort. For most people that means maximizing the real power and benefit of wearing two instruments - performing as one.

Press the listening mode button or turn the volume control on one hearing aid and both sides will change simultaneously. No more adjusting or balancing one hearing instrument, then the other, to keep both in sync. The special ACURIS ePocket remote control is an option that both adjusts and displays the hearing instrument's settings in your hand.

Product Highlights:
  • E2E wireless functions - the instruments work in total harmony together
  • Extremely advanced Digital Signal Processing with 16 bands/8 channels
  • High-speed Feedback
  • Remote control option
  • Tiniest models
  • Siemens Acuris ITE Hearing Aids
    No longer available for sale.
    Siemens Acuris BTE Hearing Aids
    No longer available for sale.