The Triano series of aids is one of the top digital circuits from Siemens, the world's largest hearing aid manufacturer. We are proud to offer our Lloyd customers this level of high-end technology at half-price savings compared to what these instruments sell for locally.

What makes the Triano so special? In a nutshell, it makes hearing easy again. It features the Speech Comfort System that automatically detects the type of situation you are in and works for you to enhance speech understanding throughout a wide variety of listening environments. Once your situation is detected, it is classified into one of many common types of listening situations. Based upon the classification, sounds are processed in Triano's 16 channel signal processing system.

We normally instruct Siemens to build all custom models with a situation button, volume control, telephone coil and directional microphones (multi-mics)...WE OFFER THESE TO YOU AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!* This means an additional $300 savings to you. We fill all our BTE orders with their top model Triano 3P (or the Triano SP for profound hearing losses). The 3P features three microphones for the ultimate in directional sensitivity.

*This is size permitting, meaning that the smaller models like the C.I.C. cannot have options like t-coils or directional mics. This offer is for Triano instruments only.

Product Highlights:
  • 16 channels/8 bands for amazing capability to match output to user's hearing loss
  • Smooth listening little need to adjust controls
  • Intelligent circuitry can separate voices from many background noises
  • Siemens Triano ITE Hearing Aids
    No longer available for sale.
    Siemens Triano BTE Hearing Aids
    No longer available for sale.