An excellent balance between higher performance and affordability can be found in the Regatta hearing instruments. This family of aids is considered upper mid-level digital technology. However, many features offered in the Regatta line have been found in only the very ultimate models up until now.

Such things as automatic feedback suppression, wind noise cancellation, and adaptive noise reduction are some of the special features of the Regatta over and above its high quality of clear digital sound reproduction. We normally have volume controls and memory buttons installed on all custom in-the-ear models at no charge - it comes standard on the BTE models.

Rexton Regatta ITE Hearing Aids

Canal $1,050.00

Half-Shell $995.00

Full-Shell $950.00

CIC $1,195.00
Select Ear(s):
Additional Options
Telephone Coil - $50
Switchless T-Coil - $90
Directional Mics - $200
Rexton Regatta BTE Hearing Aids

BTE $950.00

Super Power BTE $1,095.00
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Additional Option
Switchless T-Coil - $90