for mild to moderate losses
  • Has two microphones which allows for directional hearing
  • Sounds in front of you will be emphasized - sounds to your side and rear minimized
  • Very small and inconspicuous
  • Has tone and AGC adjustable trimpots (Automatic Gain Control protects against too-loud sounds)
  • Uses #13 battery - also features telephone setting
  • Good choice for a high frequency loss
  • Max.SSPL9O 120dB
  • Av. Full-on Gain 47dB
  • Freq. Range . . . .500-6000 Hz

  • No longer available for sale.
    I am so pleased with my hearing aid, it's like hearing for the first time. I can hear my favorite music and it sounds WONDERFUL! You cannot imagine what you have done for me. You've changed my life. I will never be able to thank you enough!
    N.C., Ellington, CT

    Economy Instruments
    (for moderate loss)
    (high powered for severe loss)
  • Quality instruments at extremely affordable prices
  • Features two adjustable trimpots (tone and output)
  • Uses #675 battery, has telephone setting
  • Good quality sound amplification
  • Built by one of the world's leading manufacturers
  • Suggested retail price $500-$600
  • No longer available for sale. No longer available for sale.
    My wife says I hear better than I have in 20 years! For the first time in 20 years, I have aids that are comfortable, and I can hear with.
    S.S., Lincoln, NE