We know it can be very confusing when it comes time to decide which hearing aid to purchase.  Perhaps you've seen advertising for one type; your best friend swears by the kind he has; you've always wanted to try yet another style; then you went and had your hearing tested and the person tried to sell you something that cost two or three times the price of your first new car....on top of that, there's all this new technology...

You want the best help possible for your hearing problems within a budget you can afford. Help for your hearing loss needs to be your first concern.....visibility and cosmetics second. We provide hearing aids for virtually all degrees and types of hearing loss produced by almost all the world's largest manufacturers. In almost every case there will be a choice between many different hearing instruments appropriate for a person. To help guide you, check out the audiogram chart below for some suggestions.

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation. The more we know about you and your hearing loss, the better able we are to make solid recommendations. Allow us to put our experience to work for you. Lloyds specializes in working closely with our customers to assure that you receive the very best instruments at the lowest prices in the nation!

We carry a full line of digital hearing aids.
Styles of Hearing Aids
Completely In Canal
A Custom C.I.C. aid is made to the exact size and shape of a person' s ear. This aid is the smallest size available from any manufacturer and is worn deep in the ear. We also offer a ready-to-wear stock C.I.C. hearing aid.

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A Custom Canal Hearing Aid is made to the exact size and shape of a person's ear. Lloyds also carries less expensive stock (ready-to-wear) mini-canal hearing aids. This size aid is small with a faceplate about the size of a dime.

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Half Shell
A Custom Half-Shell hearing aid is made to the exact size and shape of a person's ear. This size aid is 'medium' in terms of sizes of In-The-Ear hearing aids. This size aid is a lesser cost than the smaller custom In-The-Ear aids.

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Full Shell
This size aid is the largest size of Custom-built In-The-Ear hearing aids. With the larger size comes a lesser cost. The Full-Shell hearing aid has the widest fitting range of any of the In-The-Ear styles of hearing aids.

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Behind The Ear
Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids provide excellent sound quality and performance.. Contrary to much public perception, they are not just for people with severe hearing losses. BTE aids can fit the widest range of hearing losses.

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Body Aids
Body-style hearing aids are used if a person has a very severe-to-profound degree of hearing loss, it may be the only instrument they can wear that will give them the high output needed to stay connected to the world.

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Half Shell
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Search by Your Hearing Loss
Example Audiogram Audiogram Hearing Loss Levels

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type of hearing aid loss.

The above audiogram represents the hearing of an individual with normal hearing in the low frequencies (pitch) sloping to a severe high frequency hearing loss in the left ear and a moderate to severe hearing loss in the right ear.

The blue Xs indicate the thresholds for the left ear and the red Os indicate the thresholds for the right ear
The softest sound you are able to hear at each pitch is recorded on the audiogram. The softest sound you are able to hear is called your threshold. Thresholds of 0-25 dB are considered normal (for adults). The audiogram above demonstrates the different degrees of hearing loss.